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About us

Veneror; It is a group company that produces of Packing Materilas and Automotive Spare Parts.

It has been gathered under one roof as a group company with its 40 years of experience to be strong in the international market. In this way; We are providing to Operational excellence, Leading logistics and supply chain services (LLP), Superiority in supply chain management, Strong purchasing, Unconditional customer satisfaction. Our company aims to grow continuously in Europe, America and Canada with its expert and dynamic team. In addition, we increase our exports in competitive world markets every year and add value with our quality production.


Our areas of



Veneror Group company is a produces of Packing Materilas. Veneror, with its investments and determined steps, with growing, experienced and competent personnel, with its strong infrastructure, today; along with Turkey, particularly in many European countries, including Poland correct price and delivers it to you with the right approaches.

  • • Stretch Films
  • • Straps
  • • Bubble Wrap
  • • Adhesive Tapes
  • • Plastic Pallets and Shelves


Our company has just taken our place in the sector with the brand SUPPORT TEKNIK, which we have created and serves in the automotive sector. Specialized in brake caliper systems, this system is trying to keep up with the technology in the developing information age, follows the technology, has an international sales network and experienced technical personnel, and focuses on customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Our company aims to produce the products it produces in line with the knowledge from the past and offer it to the market at a more economical price.


You can download the catalogs about our products from the links below.